News & Press: 2012

Your Insights on Christmas Tech Gifts

Technology gifts are the number-one Christmas gift choice among BC adults (20%) and the number-one teen choice (59%) by a significant margin. Apple products continue to dominate choice share (59% pick the brand as a first choice among 13 items) Vancouver,... Read more

Your Insights on the Impact of the Port Mann Bridge Toll

Metro Vancouver residents are satisfied (65%) with the new Port Mann Bridge, but remain divided on bridge tolls (51% in favour / 45% opposed) and plan to change their travel behaviour to avoid the toll. Vancouver, BC - A fresh... Read more

Your Insights on Charitable Donations in BC

Nearly all (95%) British Columbians donated a median of $200 to a charitable cause or non-profit organization in 2011, and the top brands are BC Cancer Foundation, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.   Personal belief in... Read more

Albertans Are Highly Concerned About Cyber-Bullying

23% of Parents of Teens say their Teen Has Been Cyber-Bullied. 11% of Adults Say They Themselves Have Been Victims of Cyber-Bullying. Calgary, AB —  According to a recent Insights West and 6S Marketing poll of 458 online Albertan adults, more... Read more

Cyber-Bullying in Western Canada

A Darker Side of Our Technological Culture Amanda Todd’s suicide and the online harassment that led up to it shone a spotlight on the issue of cyber-bullying, not because it is a new problem, but because it is becoming more... Read more

Cyber-Bullying Seen as a Significant Concern among BC Residents

23% of Parents With Teens Say Their Teen Has Been Cyber-Bullied (As Have 8% of Adults) Vancouver, BC — According to a recent Insights West-6S Marketing study on social media behaviors and attitudes of 504 online BC adults, 48% are... Read more

BC Residents Are Divided on Privatizing BC’s Liquor Distribution Branch

Vancouver, BC -- According to a recent Insights West online public opinion poll of 749 BC adults, three quarters (75%) are aware that their provincial government has been considering privatizing the Liquor Distribution Branch but only 37% support privatization... Read more

Steve Mossop Launches Insights West, a new full-service Marketing Research Company based in Western Canada

Vancouver, BC – Steve Mossop is pleased to announce the formation of Insights West, a full-service marketing research company that is dedicated to serving the needs of private and public sector clients in Western Canada. Read more