Blog: 2012

Cyber-Bullying in Western Canada

A Darker Side of Our Technological Culture Amanda Todd’s suicide and the online harassment that led up to it shone a spotlight on the issue of cyber-bullying, not because it is a new problem, but because it is becoming more... Read more

Insights West’s Innovative Approach for The Alzheimer Society of B.C.

The number of charitable, not for profit organizations across Canada is increasing, and charitable organizations are facing stricter competition for their funding dollars. This is no exception for The Alzheimer Society of B.C., the only province-wide non-profit organization dedicated... Read more

Mobile Integration at Insights West

I remember, several years back, listening to a presentation about Mobile marketing and the speaker had labeled the talk “The Year of Mobile”. In the intervening years, there was significant discussion on the topic area, but no substantial breakthrough... Read more