Blog: 2013

Looking Ahead: Insights West’s Mario Canseco explains the key issues for 2014

Politics BC Insights West Vice President for Public Affairs Mario Canseco has spent more than a decade in the polling industry, working with public sector and educational clients across British Columbia. As 2013 comes to a close, Mario... Read more

Four-in-Five British Columbians Feeling Charitable This Season

More than half of those who will donate to charity will do so because it’s Christmas. Vancouver, BC – Many British Columbians will make a significant contribution to charitable causes in the weeks leading up to the end of 2013,... Read more

The 2013 Dream Employer Study

Conducted by Insights West in partnership with Miles Employment Group and Business in Vancouver. When we asked British Columbians to tell us who their "Dream Employer" would be, we got a huge range of responses, with... Read more

Making environment a unique feature of B.C. politics

  In 2007, the environment replaced the economy and health care in public opinion as the most important issue facing British Columbia. One of the reasons for this sweeping change was the added prominence that politicians and the media gave... Read more

Dejected voters yearn for Province of Vancouver Island

  In 2004, I was in charge of a popular website based at the University of British Columbia that tracked public opinion all over the world. In the hours that followed the conclusion of that year’s U.S. presidential election, I... Read more

Creative Test Insights: Target Case Study

Insights West's research showed that the majority of Western Canadians were excited about Target's entry into the Canadian retail market in the first half of 2013. The... Read more

Smartphone Users Expect More From Brands

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of British Columbian adults now own a smartphone and are using their device an average of nearly two hours a day. What's more, 79% expect a good mobile experience from the brands they trust.   Fresh from Insights... Read more

Bike-lane initiative gets thumbs up from majority, says poll

When separated bike lanes were introduced in the City of Vancouver, they were greeted with mixed reactions. Cycling enthusiasts rejoiced at the possibility of having a safer way to get to work or school, or simply a new opportunity... Read more

What Is a Facebook “Like” Worth?

by Steve Mossop As published in the Spring edition of Marketline magazine, the BCAMA publication. How many times have you been in a boardroom and had someone ask,  “We have social media and mobile interactions with our brand –... Read more

Meeting the Marketing Challenges of Non-Profits

BCAIM Luncheon Speakers Event for April: Hearts and Smarts Maybe you missed the BC AIM Hearts and Smarts Luncheon on April 4, 2013 ... ... or maybe you wish you'd taken more detailed notes? Either way, we're pleased to offer you... Read more

A Post-Secondary Case Study

Understanding the Market for Trinity Western University At Insights West, we are passionate about research and enjoy coming up with new and creative approaches to getting our clients the information they need. Trinity Western University came to Insights West... Read more

Sneak Peeks at Insights West’s New Vancouver Office Space

It's ready! On April 1st,  we moved into our new office space in Gastown! It's funky and bright, with south-facing windows from which you can actually see the sky without straining your neck. You may be surprised to learn that the... Read more

Ethnic Marketing Insights

On February 20th, 2013, Steve Mossop spoke to the Retail Advertising & Marketing Club of Canada (RAC). His presentation persuasively summarizes what we know about BC’s significant ethnic populations. It also showcases original research on the efforts... Read more

Insights on Cross-Border Shopping in BC’s Lower Mainland

Insights West recently investigated the attitudes and behaviours of Lower Mainland residents when it comes to cross-border shopping trips by car to the US. Our online study, conducted January 30 – February 3, 2013, included 1,077 adults living in... Read more

Giving Back to Our Community

Steve Mossop on Charitable Giving (Appearing in the April 2013 edition of VUE, the MRIA magazine) In the process of forming Insights West, following an 18-year career managing the Western Region at Ipsos, I determined that one of the... Read more