Blog: 2014

At Christmas we love to give, and re-give

A quarter of young adult British Columbians expect to re-direct an unwanted present this season. By: Mario Canseco There is no time more important for the retail industry than the holiday season. Ernst & Young recently predicted a 3.3-per-cent increase in... Read more

Spam email appears to be declining, but still a nuisance

Three-quarters of British Columbians still receive at least one unwanted message a week. By: Mario Canseco The most disappointing spam I ever received came from a friend who I had not seen in years. The subject line used the same salutation... Read more

Chinese community remains divided on importance of ‘head tax’ apology

The true origin of the formal apology is not lost on Chinese-British Columbians. By: Mario Canseco The government of B.C. six months ago officially and formally apologized to Chinese-Canadians for historical wrongs. The motion passed unanimously, following a three-month consultation period... Read more

Metro’s toughest vote may be transportation referendum

Much will depend on how the question is worded. By: Mario Canseco As residents of Metro Vancouver ponder their options in the municipal election, it is important to remember some of the things we are not voting for next Saturday. There... Read more

Poll finds support for taxing absentee property owners

Absentee property owners can threaten the character of neighbourhoods such as Vancouver’s west side. BY: MARIO CANSECO Housing affordability is the most important issue for almost half of Vancouver residents, an Insights West poll concluded recently and was reported in The... Read more

Stigma of ADHD still an Issue for Many

Survey suggests many, especially men and older people, would not discuss an ADHD diagnosis with their employer. BY MARIO CANSECO We tend to think of hyperactivity as something that affects just children. One of the images that inevitably comes to mind... Read more

B.C. government failing to engage citizens on climate change

Polls suggest people are grappling with conflicting ideas — revenue from LNG is good, but many oppose greenhouse gases LNG will generate. BY: MARIO CANSECO In 2007, the environment briefly supplanted health care as the top issue facing Canadians in several... Read more

Americans sour on Burger King deal with Tim Hortons

Many see move as a way to dodge U.S. taxes. BY: MARIO CANSECO When Burger King Worldwide Inc. announced it had reached an agreement to buy Tim Hortons Inc. for $12.5 billion last month, most of the discussion north of the... Read more

Young B.C. residents turning away from traditional TVs

Generational switch to watching TV on tablets and phone has begun here. BY: MARIO CANSECO Last month, Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications announced Shomi, a video streaming service that will provide subscribers with 11,000 hours of movies and television shows on... Read more

Public engagement is Vancouver mayor’s Achilles heel

People want opportunity to express their own likes and dislikes; not merely comment on a politicians’ short list BY: MARIO CANSECO Recently, the Alberta government provided a case study on the futility of poorly planned consultation. Three designs for a new... Read more

B.C. residents show admiration for province’s entrepreneurs

In Alberta, politicians held in high regard. BY: MARIO CANSECO When Insights West asked British Columbians last month to choose the person from or associated with our province they admire the most, the final file included 142 names. (The Sun reported... Read more

B.C. in a three-way split on the monarchy, poll finds

About a third of poll respondents defend the monarchy, a third want a republic and a third don’t care. BY: MARIO CANSECO For British Columbia, anything “royal” means business. Our capital is named after the longest-serving monarch. Our province is the... Read more

Home Owners Want new Kitchens, Bathrooms as Renovations Boom

A New Kitchen is Top of the List for a Third of Home Owners in B.C. BY MARIO CANSECO Summer is usually a great time to launch home renovation projects. The weather is generally not an inconvenience, the days are longer,... Read more

Smartphones More Pervasive than Ever

Gone are the days when a popular excuse to postpone tasks was that your smartphone lacked the proper software to read a particular document. BY MARIO CANSECO Just a few years ago, it was difficult to predict what smartphones would be... Read more

Sky-high Gas Prices Causing Financial Stress

Most of us need to stay on the road, but Insights West finds many are driving a bit less BY MARIO CANSECO One of my television rituals of spring is to watch local and national newscasts and wait for a story... Read more

Working at Home would Ease Traffic Woes

Employers can help clear road congestion BY MARIO CANSECO Discussions late in 2013 about a transportation referendum in Metro Vancouver dominated the agenda for municipalities. In spite of the sabre-rattling between various levels of government, there was little research conducted on... Read more

British Columbians Oppose Foreign Worker Program, but don’t Want it Scrapped

We have started to question the rationale behind the federal government’s temporary foreign worker program BY MARIO CANSECO British Columbians have in recent weeks started to question the rationale behind the federal government’s temporary foreign worker program, following a series of... Read more

How would Western Canada feel if Quebec separated?

BY MARIO CANSECO The oldest residents are more likely to say “Good riddance.” In a lengthy 1992 interview with Peter C. Newman that was featured originally in “The Secret Mulroney Tapes”, then prime minister Brian Mulroney lamented the double defeat of... Read more

Ten Things We Learned About Religion in British Columbia

BY MARIO CANSECO In April, Insights West conducted one of the largest provincial surveys to explore the views of British Columbians on spirituality, faith, prayer and morality. Along with the usual analysis based on age, gender and regional differences, we... Read more

Dealing with Social Media Complaints

BY MARIO CANSECO Technology and social media now allow us to complain in an easier way than ever before. This week’s astonishingly horrendous tweet from someone at U.S. Airways has reignited debate about the care that brands should... Read more