Blog: 2016

Vancouver Insights Centre celebrates its first anniversary!

A year ago, Insights West took ownership of one of Vancouver’s most highly regarded focus group and meeting facilities, re-branding it and re-opening it as Vancouver Insights Centre.... Read more

Insights West Wins BCAMA Marketing Excellence Award in Public Relations

In 2013, every public opinion survey predicting the outcome of the provincial election in British Columbia saw a victory for the New Democratic Party (NDP). When the results came in, and the BC Liberals again formed the government, the... Read more

Brand Reputation Insights – Case Study with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

  Recently we interviewed Debora Sweeney at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to chat about what they have learned through using our Brand Reputation Insights tool to assess their brand. IW: What... Read more

Focus Group Services Continue to Expand

It’s hard to believe but our very own focus group facility, Vancouver Insights Centre, has been open for almost a full year. Equally important as has having 5-star service and the best facility in the city, is making... Read more

Presentation to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform

Mario Canseco Thank you for inviting me to this session. I have worked as a public opinion researcher for the past 13 years, first as an observer and collator of publicly available surveys at the University of British Columbia, and... Read more

Happy 4th Birthday Insights West!

Today, we celebrate our 4th anniversary of our date of incorporation! Here’s our fourth annual “Top 10 Accomplishments” that celebrate our milestones and achievements over the past year. 1.    Strong growth. We grew our business by... Read more

Love & Money

By: Mario Canseco For years, the notion of the impossibility of finding a love partner in Metro Vancouver has been the subject of countless features and columns. Most of them have been narrow in scope, focusing on the views of... Read more

New Headquarters Sets the Stage for Continued Growth at Insights West

  It was only back in the Spring of 2012 that Insights West opened it’s doors. It’s not an uncommon startup story—a bootstrapped startup with big ideas and big aspirations poised to set the world on fire! Our humble beginnings... Read more