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Six-in-Ten Albertans Support Dedicated Bike Lanes

A majority of residents (56%) favour the implementation of a bicycle sharing system similar to the ones in London, Paris, New York, and Montreal.

Calgary, AB – In late April, Calgary’s City Council voted in favour of building a dedicated network of cycle only lanes as a one-year pilot project set to begin in the summer of 2015.

A new Insights West survey of a representative sample of Albertans has found that just under six-in-ten (59%)...

Your Insights on Separated Bike Lanes in Vancouver

Three-in-five Metro Vancouver residents support the bike lane initiative, and seven-in-ten would endorse the implementation of a bicycle sharing system, similar to the ones currently in place in London, Paris and Montreal.

Vancouver, BC - Almost three years have passed since the City of Vancouver introduced separated bike lanes in certain areas of the municipality, and residents of Metro Vancouver are supportive of this initiative.

A new Insights West survey has found...

Bike-lane initiative gets thumbs up from majority, says poll

When separated bike lanes were introduced in the City of Vancouver, they were greeted with mixed reactions. Cycling enthusiasts rejoiced at the possibility of having a safer way to get to work or school, or simply a new opportunity to be active. Drivers, particularly those coming to the downtown core from the suburbs, expressed dismay at the fact that they could not make right turns at specific intersections, and questioned the effect the initiative...

Top 10 Insights from 2016

Every year, Insights West publishes approximately 50 public press releases on topics as diverse as municipal and provincial elections, bridge tolls, bike lanes, charitable giving, gas-fracking, road safety, housing affordability, employee satisfaction, social media trends, and many other topics. We are pleased to share with you our annual list of “Top 10 Insights” from 2016.

Contrary to popular perceptions, not everyone is opposed to pipelines – We’ve been tracking the level of support/opposition to Northern...

What We Learned in 2014


Smartphones take over our lives, for fun and commerce – Our reliance on technology continues to grow, with almost half of British Columbians saying they used their smartphone to buy something in the past three months—and spending more time looking at these devices than a television set. While parking and refreshments are still the main purchases, we are venturing into direct e-commerce from the palm of our hand. Also, our youngest residents are...

Working at Home would Ease Traffic Woes

Employers can help clear road congestion


Discussions late in 2013 about a transportation referendum in Metro Vancouver dominated the agenda for municipalities. In spite of the sabre-rattling between various levels of government, there was little research conducted on how commuters currently feel about the roads and services they rely on.

An Insights West survey conducted on behalf of Vancity this month explored the openness of commuters to altering their weekday behaviour, provided their employers...

Tale of two cities, Vancouver and Surrey


Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Vancouver, Mayor Dianne Watts’s Surrey get favourable ratings — except in a few key areas

Since the 2008 victory of Gregor Robertson in Vancouver and Dianne Watts’s 2005 mayoral win in Surrey, the city councils in British Columbia’s most populous municipalities have focused on leaving their mark in different ways. In Vancouver, an emphasis on the environment and equality has been inescapable. In Surrey, the efforts have concentrated on creating...

Our Top 13 Insights from 2013

Insights West released its 50th press release in 2013, and we have covered some pretty diverse topics—from how many of us believe in UFOs to the number of us who are addicted to smartphones.  We are pleased to share with you our compilation of our Top 13 from ’13 Insights below.

13. Research CAN still predict Election outcomes.  Voters in Calgary...

Public engagement is Vancouver mayor’s Achilles heel

People want opportunity to express their own likes and dislikes; not merely comment on a politicians’ short list


Recently, the Alberta government provided a case study on the futility of poorly planned consultation. Three designs for a new licence plate were unveiled. The public was asked to vote for their favourite.

It may have seemed like a great way to involve Albertans in the decision-making. In reality, it presented the public with a false...