Maybe you should be working here…

If you’ve clicked through to this page, you probably have a good idea of what we do, like, what we stand for, or maybe you already know who else is working here. Maybe you think you should be working here, too.

If you…

  • Are naturally curious and inquisitive
  • Can manage fine details while still keeping the big picture in perspective
  • Value creativity and originality
  • Have great writing and presentation skills
  • Believe in teamwork
  • Are entrepreneurial and are able to generate and execute on ideas
  • Have a mindset to ‘break the rules’, and challenge the status quo

…then you will love working at Insights West.

And that’s important to us too. We have structured an environment where the region’s best market research practitioners can thrive and develop their trade, be happy and feel fulfilled. It’s based on the following pillars:

Learning and Growth

  • Ability to pursue areas of interest
  • Training and development
  • Partnering juniors with seniors for mentoring

 Community Giving

  • Discounted work for non-profits
  • Involvement in the marketing community
  • 5% of profits to employees charity of choice


  • Work-life balance
  • Work at home arrangements
  • Work at your own pace

 Profitability and Sharing

  • Profitability through manageable growth
  • Good financial management
  • Profits go back to employees

 Fun Office Environment

  • Social committee with budget
  • A positive atmosphere
  • Celebration of successes