As Senior Vice President, Catherine Dawson helps grow and manage Insights West’s Vancouver practice. Her role as Chief Methodologist has her designing and leading research projects that address clients’ business objectives fully and efficiently. You’ll be impressed at the degree of detail and precision in her work at each stage of a project, from design and management through analysis, particularly in complex quantitative studies using higher analytics.

With more than two decades of experience in market research, she’s familiar with just about every methodology and approach and knows how to apply each to yield insights-packed deliverables and strategic advice. It’s this element of the work that gives her the greatest satisfaction. She’s handled research – as a buyer, a supplier, and a consultant – for organizations both public and private, global and boutique. She has worked with clients across a broad range of industries: retail, consumer packaged goods, media, technology, finance, insurance, real estate, transportation and not-for-profit, to name a few. In short, she knows research inside-out, and really makes it work hard for you.

Catherine has a degree in Commerce with a Marketing specialization from University of British Columbia, and a Certified Market Research Professional designation from MRIA. When she’s not making sure everything’s humming along at the office, you’ll likely find Catherine at home with her family, baking, gardening or relaxing with a good book, or at the gym, compensating for all those cakes and cookies.