The role of Visual Identity Manager offers Christina a perfect outlet for her creativity and attention to visual details. No communications, be they emails, press releases, reports or proposals, leave the Insights West shop without first passing muster with Christina. Every picture tells a story. From template design to overall report look and feel, Christina ensures a clear, complete, crisp and consistent presentation of information. Her five years of experience in the market research industry make it easy for her to help shape content as well as the look and presentation, since the best visuals can only be produced when you understand the story to be told.

A natural multi-tasker and hockey-mom extraordinaire, Christina knows that great accomplishments depend on balancing rigorous organization with energy and high expectations. With a BA in English and Psychology from Simon Fraser University and a Marketing Communications Management Certificate from BCIT, she’s well equipped for all manner of problem solving. The rare times she’s not at the office or ferrying the kids to sports activities, she can be found relaxing with a glass of wine and her latest knitting project.