Ricardo Diaz is responsible for the smooth operation of all things Panel at Insights West. Whether it’s project development and execution using the YourInsights.ca panel, or helping to develop and maintain custom panels, Ricardo is the master of efficient performance. He looks after recruitment, maintenance, panel health and engagement with panellists, as well as collaborating on individual projects with questionnaire development, scripting, testing and sampling, project monitoring and preliminary data reports.

And he’s developed all these skills so quickly! After achieving his BBA in marketing and economics from Simon Fraser University, plus diplomas and certifications in digital illustration and web design from the Digital Arts Institute in Mexico, Ricardo worked with Field Nation and Ipsos on a wide range of projects, coming to specialize in panel management. If he’s known for one thing, it’s his enthusiasm for launching into new endeavours with smarts and intuition.

Settled into Vancouver life, Ricardo is described as “a hobby collector”, and enjoys (in no particular order) motorcycling, disc golf, rowing, photography, flying remote controlled planes, brewing beer, and collecting comic books. Next up: archery.