Brand Reputation Insights – Case Study with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation


Debora SweeneyRecently we interviewed Debora Sweeney at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to chat about what they have learned through using our Brand Reputation Insights tool to assess their brand.

IW: What is the mandate of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation? Why do you love working for the foundation?

DS: BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has a lofty vision – that every child is healthy and able to fulfill their hopes and dreams. What’s not to love about knowing you have the ability to create opportunities to make that happen – and being able to engage the community’s support.

IW: How do you and the BCCHF spread the word about the great work of the hospital and the foundation?

DS: It’s said it takes a village to raise a child. It takes an entire province to care for and create hope for children and their families confronted with serious illness. We have many partnerships including media, organizations, schools and individuals at the grassroots level who give generously their time and extraordinary talents to help us raise funds and awareness for BC Children’s Hospital.

BRI ExcerptIW: You are using Insights West’s Brand Reputation Insights tool to track and benchmark your brand. Why is tracking and measuring your brand important to you?

DS: It’s vitally important to us that the public understands our vision and mission. The research generated by Insights West enables us to gauge how we are connecting with people throughout the province. This insight gives us the specific information we need to refine and tailor our marketing and communications – not only to enlighten people about the great work that goes on – but also to ensure transparency and accountability.

IW: What have you learned through the Brand Reputation Insights tool and what have you implemented as a result?

DS: It wasn’t surprising to us that BC Children’s Hospital is ranked by BRI as a highly respected and prominent brand. People know us for the excellent care provided to children in times of crisis. What we did learn however was that people aren’t necessarily aware of the groundbreaking research and innovation that takes place here and how it is having a profound effect on child health. This was one of the key insights the Brand Reputation Insights tool demonstrated to us and we are now dedicating our efforts to expanding the scope of our marketing and communications.

IW: Why did you choose Brand Reputation Insights to track and measure your brand? What do you like most about the tool?

DS: We had a need to delve further into public awareness and perception of our brand and, since we support the entire province, we wanted to be able to segment information according to region. We also wanted to reach out to two very important communities who are enthusiastic supporters – the Chinese and South Asian communities. We also wanted to establish a benchmark and be able to track our performance over many years. We also really like the ability to compare our brand on many measures to the norms in the tool. So far, it’s working very well for us.

IW: How can we as community members help contribute to the great work of the BCCHF?

DS: Join us! We have a wide array of opportunities to support this amazing cause and we encourage you to visit our website, for more information.


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