Creative Test Insights: Target Case Study

Insights West’s research showed that the majority of Western Canadians were excited about Target’s entry into the Canadian retail market in the first half of 2013. The debut was promoted with a 60-second spot that aired during the Academy Awards. An anticipated entrance, a high-profile media splash…

…So, How Well Did the Target Ad Perform?

We invite you download a free pdf copy of the final report of a Creative Test Insights study that digs into the details of how Target’s advertisement worked, and what resonated most with viewers. We think you’ll be impressed by the clarity of the analysis and the advantages of recent, local norms.

Go ahead and download our report

Creative Test Insights always provides fast, flexible, quantitative feedback that can help hone a finished spot or a creative concept, whether for print, web, or TV.

We welcome your questions and comments – don’t hesitate to contact Steve Mossop or Allan Dawe for further information on this report, or on how Creative Test Insights works.