Finding that needle in the haystack for your next focus group

Having a hard time finding focus group participants? Over the past two years that it has been in operation, Vancouver Insights Centre has hosted hundreds of groups and seen its fair share of challenging recruitments. We’ve handled requests for groups of Chinese-language speakers, youth, parents, professionals, small business owners, alumni, outdoor enthusiasts, fine wine drinkers, gamblers, and almost everyone in between!

Our experienced in-house recruitment team uses innovative sources when required as well as our Your Insights Panel to find even the hardest-to-reach participants and get you the answers you’re looking for.

Why choose us for your next recruit?

  • Panel Size: built using a multitude of sources and methods, the Your Insights Panel is one of Western Canada’s largest online panels, comprised of over 30,000 members.
  • Panel Composition: the MOST representative panel of 18-34s, males, Metro Vancouver residents, etc. in the province with the best geographical coverage.
  • Freshness: Recently recruited panellists means profiling data is highly accurate and—with only 5% having participated in a previous group—we have a lower incidence of professional respondents.
  • Integrated Team: You’ll have direct contact with our integrated on-site recruiting and facility team, who will look after all of your unique needs and ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

Let us help you find the reliable participants you’re looking for. For more information on our facility and recruitment services, contact:

Maggie Wilkins
Facilities Manager, Vancouver Insights Centre