Focus Group Services Continue to Expand

It’s hard to believe but our very own focus group facility, Vancouver Insights Centre, has been open for almost a full year.

Equally important as has having 5-star service and the best facility in the city, is making sure we have the right respondents show up for each and every focus group. That’s where our respondent recruiting team comes in. We have a couple of key announcements to share with you in that area:

Respondent panel doubles to 30,000+

Our Your Insights Panel, the panel from which we recruit our respondents, has nearly doubled in size over the past year to over 30,000 people to become the largest panel of its kind in Western Canada. Our large panel, combined with other innovative sources as required, ensures we can find those hard to reach respondents.

Why do clients and researchers choose us for recruiting?

  • We can find them: Our team has hosted hundreds of focus groups and has several decades of experience in finding the most difficult to reach participants.
  • All segments represented: We are the MOST representative panel of 18-34s, males, Metro Vancouver residents, etc. in the province and we have the best geographical coverage of any panel.
  • Fresh panelists: Less than 5% of our panel has participated in a group—ensuring that your recruits are truly fresh.
  • Integrated: We have an integrated on-site recruiting and facility team who you have direct contact with and will look after all your unique needs—nothing is ‘lost in translation’.