Happy 3rd Birthday Insights West!

Today, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary of incorporation! I’d like to share with you our third annual “Top 10 Accomplishments” that celebrate our milestones and achievements over the past year.

1.    Strong Growth. We grew our business 30% this past year, and last year we doubled our revenue from the previous year—which is incredible considering that we did our first project in the summer of 2012!

2.    3 New Amazing Staff Members. At the beginning of 2013 we had only 5 employees, and now we are up to 15 full-time employees plus a number of hourly and subcontracted partners! This year, we welcomed Monique Kuehn as Finance Director, Derek Power (Research Manager), and Chang Song (Multicultural Panel Manager).

3.    We Conducted over 160,000 Interviews in 2014.  Our 150+ projects last year tallied over 160,000 interviews, about half were completed in BC/Alberta, and the rest split between Canada, the USA and internationally. From our first panellist who joined in the summer of 2012, Your Insights has grown to nearly 20,000 panellists and continues to be the most representative, most engaged and highest responding panel in Western Canada.

4.    Our 125th Press Release.  It’s hard to believe that since our first press release, August 13th ’12, we’ve done 125+ press releases on topics as diverse as transit referendums, charitable giving, discrimination, municipal elections, pipelines, dream employers, bad bosses, road safety, employee satisfaction, smartphone usage & attitudes, and many more. An independent media audit showed that Insights West generated DOUBLE the press coverage in the West of ALL other research companies combined (thanks Mario!).  What does it mean for our clients?  Reliability, trust, and brand recognition.

5.    Building the Norms of Our “Creative Test Insights” Product. This product was designed to enable companies to test and track their creative campaign (whether it be digital, print, TV or a concept) and get quantitative feedback against normative benchmarks. We’ve had a significant number of clients come to us to test concepts, spot-check new creative, or track their campaigns using this tool, and our normative benchmark of ads is over 100, including a recent batch of 12 Super Bowl Ads!

6.    Launch of our Multicultural Panel. The dark secret of most research companies is that the multicultural segment is nearly non-existent within most consumer panels. We think it’s important for the multicultural voice to be heard given that they represent a significant percentage of the population, so we built a sub-panel of well over 2,000 Chinese and South Asian residents to help us gauge the opinions of this important and growing segment.

7.    Our Dream Employer Survey. Launched in partnership with the Vancouver Board of Trade and Miles Employment group, this ground-breaking survey of over 3,300 respondents was undertaken to determine who is BC’s dream employer and what drives employee satisfaction and employee loyalty.  Download our free report here!

8.    Charitable Giving Insights. In another one of the largest studies of its kind, we interviewed 2,400 people in BC/Alberta to measure charitable giving attitudes and behaviours as it relates to 220 charities in our region.  This effort is all part of our mantra of giving back.

9.    Building the Norms on our Brand Reputation Insights Product to 200 Brands. Our product that combines corporate reputation, drivers of reputation and social media engagement via one survey instrument has now surpassed 200 brands in our database in just over two years, providing our clients with context and comparisons to market leaders, peers and competitors!

10.    We Acquired Thirty-Seven New Clients This Year! We are proud of what we were able to accomplish in the past year with the support of our employees, clients, partners and suppliers in the industry. Thank-you for your confidence and support of our growing business!