Insights West Accurately Calls BC Election



This month’s election will go down in the history books as BC’s closest provincial election in a nail-biting, electric conclusion. It was also a significant night for Insights West, because once again, it validated our approach to election polling, as we were the only research company to predict a tie in the popular vote.



Not only did we successfully predict the election outcome almost to a tee, we have now extended our winning streak in predicting election outcomes to 23 elections/plebiscites in a row!

I was asked the other week, “why do you take on the risk of election polling—the upside seems minimal, and the downside outright devastating?” There are several reasons. We think it’s important to continually demonstrate that our online panel methodology and approach are sound, and we believe that if we can accurately predict election results, then we can certainly predict how people perceive brands, advertising & communications, perceptions of your competition, or any other research objective that needs to be explored. Correctly calling elections provides us with the validation we need to create trust for our clients and partners.

What do I attribute our success to? First of all, I believe that our own Mario Canseco is the best public affairs pollster in the business. His track record is second to none. Secondly, I believe our panel of 30,000 people is also the best in the business due to our method of recruiting, our shorter than average surveys and our generous incentive program. Lastly, I like to think of ourselves as a bold, innovative company, and being so means that we are willing to take calculated risks rather than hide in the backroom. Our track record on publishing results on socially important issues from pipelines, the Fentanyl crisis, the grizzly hunt, bridge tolls, etc., speaks to this.

It was a proud night for Insights West. Thanks for all your support and who knows, we may do this all over again in a year or 18 months given the volatility of coalition governments in Canada.

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