Insights West Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!


Today, we celebrate our 5th anniversary of our date of incorporation! Here’s our fifth annual “Top 10 Accomplishments” that celebrate our milestones and achievements over the past year.

1.    Strong growth. This past year, we grew our business by nearly 30%. This growth has come primarily from gaining new accounts, from the increase in our qualitative business, and from increased revenue from our Brand Reputation Insights and Employee Satisfaction Insights products. This continues to make us the fastest growing full-service market research firm in Western Canada!

2.    Renovation of Vancouver Insights Centre focus group facility. Since acquiring this facility, we have undertaken major renovations that have completely changed its look and feel. These updates include moving the location of the kitchen, renovating the seating area and, most importantly, building a second focus group room that is unique in Vancouver and in Canada. This room offers a living-room style arrangement for respondents behind a two-way mirror to make them feel comfortable and relaxed in our beautiful brick and wood Yaletown setting.

3.    Your Insights Panel has grown to over 30,000 panellists! We have grown our panel from scratch to the size it is today through some of the most unique recruiting methods in the marketing research industry—utilizing our on-site experience and partnerships with non-profits and popular organizations. We have also built a panel of nearly 4,000 Chinese and South Asian residents, and built a small, but successful, national panel this year that allows us to get several thousand completes per project. To date, we have conducted over half a million interviews through our panel platform.

4.     Our media coverage has doubled this past year. On August 13, 2012, we did our first press release. Since then, we’ve done over 230 releases, covering everything from provincial elections, to views towards the Trump administration, economic confidence, housing affordability, pipelines, dream employers, employee satisfaction, attitudes and behaviours around sex, and many other topics. We’ve had hundreds of reporters cover our stories, which themselves generated about 50,000 unique views of our website last year. A media audit completed in the fall showed that Insights West generated DOUBLE the press coverage in the West of ALL other research companies combined (thanks Mario!). What does it mean for our clients? Reliability, trust, and brand recognition.

5.    Election success. Since the beginning, Insights West has issued forecasts in 22 different municipal, provincial, regional and U.S. democratic processes. Why? Election success is the litmus test of the polling industry—the rationale being if we can call elections accurately using our scientific polling methods, then we can surely make accurate predictions on things like market share, competitive intelligence, communications testing, stakeholder opinions or anything else that our clients want to uncover.

6.    BCAMA’s Marketing Excellence Award in Public Relations. For the extensive media coverage and increased brand recognition we received for publishing our predictions on the 2015 federal election, we were awarded BCAMA’s Marketing Excellence Award in the category of Public Relations at the 2016 Marketer of the Year Gala—exactly one year after the election. Insights West outperformed all other polling firms in correctly predicting how British Columbians would vote in the 42nd general election.

7.    Our qualitative business has doubled in the past year. The creation of Vancouver Insights Centre, and the contribution of qualitative experts like Ron Cann and Gerry Keane and a team of recruiting and facility experts like Gaël Chabot-Leclerc, Cayla Albrecht, and John Goebeil have had a substantial impact on our business. We have run literally hundreds of focus groups this past year and have become qualitative recruiting experts during this time.

8.    Employee Satisfaction Insights. Last year, we utilized our Employee Satisfaction Insights tool—a tool that allows organizations to accurately assess employee satisfaction and compare results to normative benchmarks in order to identify areas of particular strength or weakness—to determine the winner of our 3rd annual Dream Employer poll and generate a report uncovering myths surrounding Millennials in the work force. This powerful tool continues to yield meaningful insights for clients and the community.

9.    Our comparative database for our Brand Reputation Insights product. Over the past four years, the database for our Brand Reputation Insights product—a product that combines corporate reputation, drivers of reputation, and social media engagement via one survey instrument—has grown to include 400 brands. In that time frame, we have conducted 63,000 interviews, and have 2.74 million scores on these 400 brands. We have compiled this data into Tableau, giving us real-time abilities to tap into the norms and run powerful queries on standard variables such as gender, age groups, region, etc. This allows our clients to look at their scores within the context of their direct competition, their industry, and market leaders in the West and across Canada.

10.    Over 30 new clients chose to partner with us this year! Our growth is the direct result of our growing list of clients who have confidence in our abilities to deliver. We pride ourselves on being a client-centric organization, and I’m always amazed with the ability of our staff to go beyond the call of duty in delivering top-notch results. We were grateful to produce work for A&W, Alberta Real Estate Association, Bosa, City of Vancouver, Grouse Mountain, ICBC, SFU, Tourism Calgary and the many others this past year and wish to thank all of you for your vote of confidence and for supporting our growing business!