Insights West Celebrates its 6th Anniversary!

As we celebrate our 6th anniversary, here are some of the highlights and achievements that made this such an incredible year!

1.    Improvements to Vancouver Insights Centre. It’s been a little over two years since Insights West took ownership of Vancouver Insights Centre and since then, the Centre has undergone some major renovations and markedly improved the quality and range of services offered. The facility now offers four discovery rooms that include the Hamilton room—a unique, living-room style, focus group room designed to encourage relaxed and open discussion—as well as two client/viewing lounges and a common area that can be configured to host larger events.

2.    Strong media coverage. Insights West continues to make regional and national headlines with our public affairs research—garnering more coverage than all other research companies combined. In the 50+ press releases produced last year alone, we voiced Canadian sentiment on several important issues such as trophy hunting, marijuana legalization, social media habits, housing affordability, diet, politics, etc., and saw some real-world change in line with our findings. Among this year’s highlights was our BC election coverage on CTV News Vancouver, featuring election-day insights from Mario Canseco.

3.    Continued election forecasting success. Our record of accurately forecasting elections continued with the calling of a tie between the BC Liberals and the BC NDP in last year’s provincial election. This extended our streak to 23 successful predictions in a row and further demonstrated that our online panel methodology and approach are among the best in the industry. This election was a significant one for BC’s polling industry as a whole, given the controversy surrounding the 2013 provincial election. Correctly calling elections provides us with the validation we need to create trust for our clients and partners—if we can do this, then we can certainly predict how people perceive brands, the competition, advertising & communications or any other research objective that needs to be explored.

4.     BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA) sponsorship. The BCAMA is the leading marketing professional association in Western Canada and, late last year, we were honoured to be selected as their market research agency of record. Beginning with research conducted for their 2017 Marketer of the Year Awards Gala, we’ve since worked closely with the organization to design and execute an effective market research strategy. In addition to providing marketing research services, we’ve also attended several BCAMA events and hosted their Senior Executive Program participants at a Vancouver Canucks game. We’re particularly looking forward to their VISION Conference in May!

5.    Omnibus Insights. Omnibus Insights—our shared survey vehicle that gauges the opinions of 800 British Columbians quickly, easily and accurately at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone project—has seen significant growth since its introduction, tripling the number of studies done over the previous year. We now offer this weekly, using it to primarily determine public support and opposition on contentious issues and measure and test brand awareness for our clients.

6.    Socially important research. One of our first releases as a company was on the subject of cyber-bullying back in 2012. Last year, in the wake of the “Me too” movement, we quantified the prevalence of sexual harassment in Canadian workplaces and found that almost half of working women in Canada have endured sexual harassment, but fewer than three-in-ten chose to report these incidents. Our poll for Maclean’s examined another important issue for working women: the gender pay gap, finding that more than four-in-five employed Canadians (82%) believe there should be new legislation that guarantees equal pay for work of equal value in Canada. Our work with Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and the Commercial Bear Viewing Association revealed strong support for the banning of all grizzly bear hunting in BC and was instrumental in inspiring change to grizzly bear hunting laws. We believe our research on socially important issues gives voice to the marginalized, keeps important issues at the top of the political agenda and inspires meaningful change.

7.    Free reports on topical issues. In addition to our client work and press releases, we’ve produced several free reports, rich with market research findings and industry insights. This year, we’ve examined BC’s burgeoning wine industry, Canada’s social media landscape, attitudes towards charitable giving, perceptions on the Canadian economy, and researched Metro Vancouver’s growing multicultural population and how to market to this segment.

8.    Our expertise in multicultural research. In the past several years, we’ve sought the unique views of British Columbia’s Chinese residents on issues like discrimination, the BC government’s apology for historical wrongs, life in BC compared to where they emigrated from, their media habits and how they planned to vote in various elections. This year, we conducted over 15,000 surveys with Chinese respondents, tapping into Chinese social media sources to find newer immigrants as well as our growing Multicultural Panel, which provides on-demand access to the opinions and perspectives of Chinese and South Asian Metro Vancouver residents. It is through these efforts that we strive to capture the diverse perspectives thriving within BC as we build on our reputation of being leaders in the area of multicultural research.

9.    Our new team members. Last year, we gained two great colleagues. Joining our data analysis team, was Christian Hill. In addition to conducting data analysis, Christian also applied his expertise to developing processes that have improved efficiencies between our data and programming functions. Overseeing the everyday operations at the Vancouver Insights Centre is our new full-time Facility Manager, Maggie Wilkins. Since taking on this role, Maggie has implemented a concierge service, overseen the growth of our recruitment services and expanded our food and beverage lists to make for an exceptional guest experience.

10.    Our growing list of clients. We are proud of the great work we were able to accomplish through the support of our long-time clients as well as the 25+ new clients that showed confidence in our ability to produce actionable insights. This year, we were thrilled to work with London Drugs, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Copeman Healthcare Centre, Hootsuite, SunRype and many others! We wish to thank all of you for your support!