Insights West Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary!

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary of Insights West incorporation, here is a summary of our highlights and achievements that helped make this year our best yet! 

#1 Growth For Insights West:

Last year marks another year of impressive growth for Insights West, our revenue grew double-digits! In addition to the repeat business we have from our stable 100+ existing clients, we added an impressive array of new clients including Vancouver Public Library, 7-Eleven, BC Agricultural Council, Lululemon, Facebook, DivaCup, Via Sport, Nicola Wealth Management and many others!  We are very grateful for our amazing partnerships with our clients and the interesting and meaningful work that we are able to provide.

#2 Making Small Business BC’s Top 5 “Best Employer” Finalists:

Insights West is proud that we made it all the way to the Top 5 for Small Business BC’s Best Employer Awards, held just the other week. The competition was fierce, including a lengthy application process, detailed interviews, presentations, Q&As in front of the prestigious judging panel, and attendance at the awards Gala where we missed the final podium by a hair. Check out our SBBC profile here, and watch our 2 minute staff testimonial video here.

#3 Welcoming Our Newest Team Members:

In 2018, we added 4 new amazing team members. Daphne Cuthbert has joined the team as Research Director, developing our qualitative research offering and managing Omnibus Insights. Stepping into the role of Marketing and Qualitative Coordinator is Charlene Bayer, who is responsible for planning, executing, and reporting on all our marketing campaigns and initiatives. Contributing daily to new reports and graph designs, monitoring field work, and updating databases is Rachel Spence. And finally, we have Chipili Chansa joining our data team as a Junior Survey Scripter and Data Analyst. In addition to this, two of our employees welcomed new babies into their world; Cayla Albrecht welcomed baby Josie in October, and Laura Lewis invited baby Elara in January. We are thrilled with our growing roster!

#4 Partnership With Angus Reid Global:

This past May, our “Your Insights” panel of 30,000 Canadians was sold to Angus Reid Global and re-branded as the “Angus Reid Forum” in order to take advantage of their growing size and respondent-friendly technology platform. A multi-year partnership was signed between Insights West and ARG to continue using this panel in supporting our business moving forward. We are proud of this accomplishment, and look forward to continuing to work with our key partners at ARG as our core business continues to grow.

#5 Free Topical Issue Reports:

In addition to our client work and press releases, we’ve produced several free reports, rich with market research findings and industry insights. This year, we’ve researched the state of e-commerce in Canada, explored the prevalence of sexual harassment in the Canadian workplace, broken down the habits of smartphone users, tracked Canada’s economic confidence, and examined Canadian outlooks on climate change(to be released next week).

#6 Creation Of Our New Focus Group Recruitment Community:

The recent creation of the “Insights West Feedback Community” has been met with immediate success as we already have several thousand people who have signed up to take part in upcoming focus groups, with a goal to reach 5,000 by early summer.  In this past year, we have recruited for hundreds of focus groups including teens, lottery players, homeowners, drivers, grocery shoppers, and so many more. Please Contact us for a recruitment quote from this fresh and engaged community.

#7 Omnibus Insights Opportunities:

Our Omnibus Insights tool has been taken on by Daphne Cuthbert, who has helped this shared survey vehicle reach a new level of focus and success. This past year, over 20,000 respondents were surveyed, providing insights and understanding to over 40 clients throughout the year. Omnibus Insights is offered every week of the year, and we are adding clients weekly to our fast turnaround survey instrument for clients in need of speedy results.

 #8 Continued Sponsorship of the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA):

The BCAMA is the leading marketing professional association in Western Canada, and we were proud to be selected as agency of record for a two-year period of 2018 and 2019. Providing various market research strategies and initiatives over the years, Insights West will continue to support them at their various topical marketing industry events. Steve Mossop has had the pleasure of moderating many of their Thought Leadership Series events, such as their sold out event on marketing Cannabis and the Annual Agency Panel “Marketing INsights and OUTlooks for 2019”. Steve was also a judge for their recently held Marketer of the Year competition and flagship event.

#9 Strong Media Coverage:

Insights West continues to generate press releases of topical interest, continuing to garnish more press headlines than all other research companies combined.  Despite changes in our staffing early last year when we lost our prominent spokesperson, we produced 30 press releases on everything from electoral reform, cannabis legalization, flu shots, municipal elections, provincial politics, pipelines, smartphones, ecommerce, and the ongoing housing crisis. We have generated nearly 100,000 unique visitors to our website this past year alone!

#10 Strong Charitable Giving Culture:

Since starting this company our CEO Steve Mossop wanted to ensure that we made a significant contribution back to the world in which we live, work and play. This past year, we’ve helped nearly a dozen non-profit and charitable organizations through discounted research that we’ve conducted for them. In addition, our staff donated over 700 pairs of socks to various shelters this winter, and we’ve raised and donated over $20,000 this year for various charities!