Major Technology Upgrades at Vancouver Insights Centre

Vancouver Insights Centre is excited to announce that we have completed a major investment and technological overhaul that makes it the most technologically advanced in the Vancouver marketplace and allows us to live up to our reputation of being the city’s premier focus group and meeting facility. Besides our convenient location, beautifully furnished meeting and viewing rooms and concierge services, clients can be confident that this upgrade gives them the best viewing and post-viewing experience.

Our technology upgrade includes:

  • High definition recording with ability to record in 1080p
  • Quick file transfers through direct digital recordings
  • Web streaming capability for remote viewing
  • Simultaneous translations are easily accommodated – viewers can switch between live feed or simultaneous interpreter through a simple, intuitive, touchscreen interface. Alternatively, up to four guests can listen to an interpreter on headphones while others listen to the live feed
  • Redundant back up recorder and PC fail safe

For more information on Vancouver Insights Centre, and for room availability, contact Maggie Wilkins.