Omnibus Insights Delivers Actionable Results

Besides helping us successfully predict 23 elections in a row, Insights West’s weekly Omnibus provides an accurate assessment of public sentiment and impacts several decisions in our community. Here are some examples of our research in action:


Topic: Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting in BC
Date: December 2, 2016 (tracking 2013 – 2017)
Finding: 91% of British Columbians oppose the hunt; 48% are more likely to support a party that would shut it down.
Outcome: BC government announces end to grizzly bear trophy hunt effective Nov. 30, 2017.


Topic: Transportation and Transit Plebiscite
Date: March 9, 2015 (tracking 2014 – 2015)
Finding: 63% of decided Metro Vancouver residents would vote “No” to a new 0.5% Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax/ Transit Sales Tax.
Outcome: The “No” side prevails with 62% of the mail-in vote.


Absentee Homeowner Tax
Date: June 10, 2016
Finding: 82% of Metro Vancouver residents think levying a tax on people who acquire properties in a city but don’t live in them is a “good” idea.
Outcome: City of Vancouver approves Empty Homes Tax in November 2016. Empty homes in Vancouver had to be tenanted by July 1, 2017 to avoid the levy for the year.


Topic: Concert Ticket Sales
Date: July 19, 2016
Finding: 28% of Canadian concertgoers attempted, unsuccessfully, to buy tickets through a primary ticket outlet. 87% would support fines or jail time for scalpers caught using “bots.”
Outcome: Ontario government proposes legislation to ban automated ticket-buying bots and cap markups on resold tickets at 50 per cent of their face value. BC is looking at similar rules.


Topic: Municipal Campaign Financing
Date: October 26, 2017
Finding: 86% in BC would support rules for municipal elections in line with the province’s new regulations on campaign finance.
Outcome: On October 30, 2017, the BC government announces plans to limit individual donations to local parties and candidates, and to ban corporate and union donations in municipal campaigns.


Omnibus Insights is the perfect vehicle to gauge the opinions of 800 British Columbians quickly, easily and accurately at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone project. For information on what Omnibus Insights can do for you, contact:

Daphne Cuthbert, Director of Research
T: 778.379-1140