Super Bowl Ads: Are They Worth it?

Super Bowl. Arguably, it’s the single largest, and most impactful television event in the world every year. Equally sharing the limelight is the advertising associated with it. Last year, marketers spent $521M on 61 brands–often for a single $4.5M commercial that aired only once to 180 million people in North America!  Every year, news headlines and consumers scream outrage and fascination over how crazy those numbers are. But are they justified? What is the return on investment for such a ‘crazy’ expenditure?

Marketers know that return is often measured by the overall reach of an ad, but perhaps of greater importance is overall impact–how the ad resonates with consumers both from an awareness and recall perspective.

Insights West was curious to learn how these Super Bowl ads measured up from a consumer perspective–especially against mainstream ads that we have tested over the past two years. So we took what we thought were the top dozen Super Bowl ads, and tested them both in Canada and the USA and then compared them against our normative database of other ads via our Creative Test Insights tool.

The main questions we had were:

  • Do Super Bowl ads test better than other, mainstream, ads?
  • Are there were differences in how Canadian and American consumers respond to these ads?
  • Do Super Bowl ads resonate with consumers, beyond the entertainment value?
  • What about things like brand persuasion, relevance, believability, and brand attribution?
  • Are consumers sharing these ads on social media?

The answers we got back surprised us!  Have a look and download our free report!

CTI - Super Bowl Ads