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Our New Brand Look is Here! Get a First Look.

Our new brand stands for a fresh and modern approach to market research, and so much more! After months of rethinking our brand, working with brand strategists and designers, and making adjustments and plans for all the touchpoints where our... Read more

Insights West Accurately Calls 2019 Federal Election Results in BC

Canadians from coast to coast went to the polls on Monday, October 21, 2019. In British Columbia, 42 seats were up for grabs. Results from the 2019 Federal Election were pretty electric, especially given the dynamics and events leading up... Read more

Insights West Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary!

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary of Insights West incorporation, here is a summary of our highlights and achievements that helped make this year our best yet!  #1 Growth For Insights... Read more

Top 10 Insights From 2018

Last year, Insights West polled BC residents on a number of significant issues, culminating in over 30 public press releases on topics as diverse as housing affordability, political leaders, pipelines, flu shots, healthcare, cannabis legalization, rising gas prices, social... Read more

Vote for Insights West – Best Employer

 Insights West is thrilled to be nominated for a Small Business BC Award in the category of “Best Employer”. What makes Insights... Read more

Major Technology Upgrades at Vancouver Insights Centre

Vancouver Insights Centre is excited to announce that we have completed a major investment and technological overhaul that makes it the most technologically advanced in the Vancouver marketplace and allows us to live up to our... Read more

Insights West Celebrates its 6th Anniversary!

As we celebrate our 6th anniversary, here are some of the highlights and achievements that made this such an incredible year! 1.    Improvements to Vancouver Insights Centre. It’s been a little over two years since Insights West took ownership... Read more

Finding that needle in the haystack for your next focus group

Having a hard time finding focus group participants? Over the past two years that it has been in operation, Vancouver Insights Centre has hosted hundreds of groups and seen its fair share of challenging recruitments. We’ve... Read more

How do Canadians feel about the justice system?

By Mario Canseco for National Observer Four months before the not-guilty verdict in the killing of Colten Boushie ignited concern across Canada, a poll indicated that half of Canadians believe the justice system has not done enough... Read more

Top 10 Insights from 2017

Last year, Insights West polled Canadians on several interesting and important issues, culminating in over 50 public press releases on topics as diverse as sexual harassment in the workplace, trophy hunting, marijuana legalization, social media habits, housing affordability, diet,... Read more

Outlook 2018: BC NDP faces pressure to deliver on campaign promises

By Mario Canseco for Business In Vancouver The year that is about to end was unlike any other in British Columbia’s political history. A close provincial election ultimately gave us two speeches from the throne, a government... Read more

Vancouver Insights Centre Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago, Insights West took ownership of one of Vancouver’s most highly regarded focus group and meeting facilities, re-branding and re-opening it as Vancouver Insights Centre. Several improvements to the Centre have been made this... Read more

Canadians’ view of residential schools varies by age and region

By: Mario Canseco “Instead of the isolation and neglect of the past, a free and equal chance with children in urban centres.” This is the voice of a male narrator in a March 1955 CBC television piece about Canada’s residential schools. Since that... Read more

Omnibus Insights Delivers Actionable Results

Besides helping us successfully predict 23 elections in a row, Insights West's weekly Omnibus provides an accurate assessment of public sentiment and impacts several decisions in our community. Here are some examples of... Read more

Don’t Let Semantics Stop Momentum on Child Care

By: Mario Canseco The early days of a new government are always tough. There are many choices at hand, decisions to be made and voters to please. In the case of B.C., the agreement between the province’s NDP and the... Read more

Do you have an important question you’d like to ask British Columbians?

Omnibus Insights is the perfect vehicle to gauge the opinions of 800 BC residents quickly, easily and accurately at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone project. Insights West has successfully predicted 23 election outcomes using... Read more

Insights West Accurately Calls BC Election

  This month’s election will go down in the history books as BC’s closest provincial election in a nail-biting, electric conclusion. It was also a significant night for Insights West, because once again,... Read more

Five Things to Ponder When Looking at Polls

By Mario Canseco 1) “A snapshot” A public opinion poll is not predictive of behaviour that will take place a week, a month or a year later. Pollsters track perceptions of residents on a wide range of issues every day, both... Read more

Insights West Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

  Today, we celebrate our 5th anniversary of our date of incorporation! Here’s our fifth annual “Top 10 Accomplishments” that celebrate our milestones and achievements over the past year. 1.    Strong growth. This past year, we grew... Read more

Vancouver Insights Centre Opens BC’s Most Innovative New Focus Group Room

We are excited to announce that we have recently constructed and opened a brand new focus group room that truly is one of a kind in British Columbia. Several features about our addition are unique and make us stand... Read more