For clients with ongoing, intensive marketing research needs, Insights West has an experienced team who can build a panel proprietary to your organization, with all the advantages derived from a custom-designed research platform. Using Toluna’s PanelPortal™, Insights West can empower you to make wiser decisions, faster than you thought possible, while building a richer understanding of your customers and their relationship with your brand. Here’s how:

Cost Effectiveness

  • Make research dollars go further
  • Drastically cheaper than ad hoc studies
  • Fixed startup costs, open-ended usability
  • Low-incidence targets offer even more savings

Technical Agility

  • Super-quick turnaround times: 24 to 48 hours
  • Real-time results reporting
  • Individual log-ins for all your team members
  • Round-the-clock access to data
  • Swift response to emergency issues


  • Two-way communication with customers and prospects
  • Panellists feel they are being consulted, not surveyed
  • Response rates are higher, findings on a given issue are more reliable
  • Invite your panel community to your corporate Facebook and twitter pages
  • Relevance of your brand builds with every interaction

Powerful Research Tool

  • Rich profiling data, expensive to capture, is reused every time you survey
  • Zero in on one segment, or survey them all
  • Combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies in a single platform
  • Longitudinal studies allow you to build on learning over time; revisit issues; conduct before/after surveys; explore evolving attitudes directly; and more;                                            all much more easily than via ad hoc studies

Insights West Advantages

  • Our senior researchers have created and worked with over 100 custom panels over the past several years
  • Experience informs our design from the outset, allowing for maximum utility and flexibility
  • You probably know several ways your organization could use a custom panel,                         but we can suggest ways you may not have considered

Toluna’s PanelPortal™ is a proven partner

Toluna is arguably the world’s leading independent online panel and panel technology provider to the global market research industry. Insights West partners with Toluna for a number of marketing research functions, including providing the software platform for our own Panel. Equally, we work with them to create custom interactive panels for our clients. Here’s why:

Toluna’s Advantages

  • Leading-edge tool and software development with constant R&D updates
  • Ability to provide as much, or as little, operational support as required
  • Through Toluna’s 4-million strong consumer panel, you can scale your research outward, as far as you need to, whenever you need to reach beyond your custom panel
  • Interactivity – Toluna offers the ability to harness Facebook and Twitter either in your research, or indirectly, to foster greater engagement among your panelists
  • Great reporting tools including dashboards and real-time results,
  • Insights West team members have established strong working relationships with Toluna
  • No potential for conflict of interest, since Toluna does not work with end clients
  • Small enough to be nimble, but large enough to have credibility and survey software clout
  • Competitive cost advantages compared to other providers

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