At Insights West, we are passionate about research and are committed to finding the best way to get our clients the knowledge they need to inform their strategies and decisions.  It often requires flexible thinking and creative approaches: no challenge is unsolvable.  Below are just a few examples of projects completed with some of our clients.



Pricing Study

Need: An in-depth understanding of the target market’s usage and preference for collaborative technology was required to assist with future product development


  • Online bulletin board focus groups | Technology decision makers and influencers in the education sector | Online survey | Over 800 education and 900 business technology decision makers and influencers in Canada, US, UK, France and Germany
  • Online survey | Education and business technology decision makers and influencers in North America and some European regions | Discrete choice modelling

Outcome: Results were used to determine the ideal product features and price point for new product development




Segmentation & Brand Benchmark

Need: A greater understanding of the market and competitive context was sought to help this co-operative retailer to further refine, target and track their brands’ progress


  • Online | Over 3,000 category consumers and 2,600 members from MEC’s database
  • Segmentation | Brand mapping | Competitive indexing | Max-Diff | Penalty-Reward driver analysis

Outcome: Results were used to develop personas used in marketing, operations and product development




Understanding the Faith-Based Post-Secondary Market

Need: An understanding of the market and key motivators for choice among key market segments was required to help this post-secondary institution as they planned to open their new campus in Richmond, BC


  • Secondary research
  • Focus groups | 6 with teens and 5 with parents of teens
  • Online | Over 6,700 teens, parents, TWU alumni, TWU students who did not complete their program using innovating approaches to find those who would consider faith-based schools
  • Discrete choice modelling to provide understanding and forecast of how various factors (such as tuition fees, scholarships and grants) impact institution choice

Outcome: Results were used to assist with alumni program design, help guide marketing message development and inform internal strategic pricing and resource allocation decisions




Charitable Giving and Donor Research

Need: A better understanding of perceptions and expectations of the organization among the general public and key donor segments to better inform future marketing and fundraising campaigns


  • Secondary research
  • Focus groups | 2 in Vancouver and 1 in Kelowna
  • Online | 2 Online surveys  | One with donors to the Alzheimer Society of BC and one with the general population of BC

Outcome: Results were used to help shape marketing messages and strategically target key donor groups