• Brand Reputation Insights

    A low-cost, subscription-based research tool that measures how a company’s brand stacks up against its competition and 400+ other Canadian brands.

  • Creative Test Insights

    Provides organizations the ability to test creative (whether it be digital, print, TV or a concept) and get quantitative feedback against normative benchmarks in a fast, flexible, affordable way.

  • Employee Satisfaction Insights

    Straightforward approach to accurately measuring employee satisfaction (relative to normative benchmarks) and understanding what is helping or hurting an organization’s ability to keep staff.

  • Video Insights

    Video taken by panel members can add a deeper understanding and context to other research, bringing results to life.

  • Alumni Engagement Insights

    Allows post-secondary institutions to measure alumni engagement scores against normative benchmarks and learn where to strategically focus their efforts for the most impact.

  • Charitable Giving Insights

    A syndicated study that assesses key behaviours and attitudes among the general BC public such as awareness of charities, past donation behaviour, propensity to donate to charities in the future, and attitudes toward charitable giving.

  • Municipal Citizen Insights

    A unique research approach that allows cities to gauge performance and perceptions, and compare their results with residents in other jurisdictions.

  • Omnibus Insights

    The perfect vehicle to gauge the opinions of 800 British Columbians quickly, easily and accurately at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone project.

  • Multicultural Panel

    Provides faster & more affordable insights into the opinions & perspectives of the Chinese & South Asian populations in Metro Vancouver.

  • Panel Management

    Leverage Insights West’s passion and experience in panel management and focus on what you do best for less investment than panel management software.