Brand Reputation Insights (BRI) is a low-cost, subscription-based research tool that measures how a company’s brand stacks up against its competition and 425+ other Canadian brands.

Why Brand Reputation Insights?

  • Tracking brand performance is essential – Reputation is volatile and perceptions can change based on news events, marketing campaigns, competitive actions, etc;
  • Context is everything – Benchmark your brand against 425+ other brands including your competitive set;
  • What is driving your brand? – Understand key drivers for your brand;
  • Understand the impact of digital – Shows the impact of digital interactions on overall corporate reputation scores;
  • Evaluate your strategy – Period-over-period comparison with BRI’s unique subscription model
  • Low-cost – Robust tracking, yet very cost-effective.

What do we get?

  • PowerPoint executive summary of results
  • 600 completed surveys with a representative sample of adults
  • Detailed tabulations
  • Analysis of performance scores among various demographic groups

Brand Reputation Insights – Case Study with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

See why the BCCHF chose the Brand Reputation Insights tool and how the organization is applying the insights. 

For more information on Brand Reputation Insights, contact:

Daile MacDonald, Research Director
T: 403.926.3192