The syndicated study for British Columbia and Alberta-based charities reveals insights on giving behaviours and charitable giving attitudes.

Syndicated Study

Charitable Giving Insights is a syndicated study designed to help charitable and non-profit organizations address their unique marketing challenges in today’s highly competitive climate. Our most recent wave measured charitable giving behaviours and attitudes among over 2,400 Western Canadians with specific measures for over 120 charitable organizations in BC and over 100 in Alberta. For the low cost of $950, Charitable Giving Insights will include customized analysis of those likely to donate to your organization.

Insights on Charitable Giving

This syndicated study will help charitable and non-profit organizations better understand:

  • Changes from 2012 to 2014 (BC only)
  • Participation in charitable activities
  • Past donation behavior and propensity to donate in the future
  • Attitudes toward charitable giving
  • Motivators and barriers to giving
  • And more!

Insights West Believes in Giving Back to the Community

At Insights West we dedicate time to supporting local causes and 5% of our annual profits are designated to the charities we support. Sharing key findings from this study is just another example of our strong company values and commitment to the community. Download our free BC Charitable Giving and Alberta Charitable Giving reports.

2014 BC CGI Report        2014 AB CGI Report

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