Municipal Citizen Insights is a unique research approach that allows cities to gauge performance and perceptions, and compare their results with residents in other jurisdictions.

Why Municipal Citizen Insights?

  • Review government performance.
  • Assess citizen perceptions on several dimensions.
  • Compare with the most up-to-date norms from other municipalities.
  • Test policy positions and messaging online.
  • Customize the survey to fit your pressing needs.

What is Municipal Citizen Insights?

For years, municipalities have relied on their own ad-hoc research initiatives to gauge the views of the population. These surveys are usually standalone endeavours, and offer no ability to see how a particular city fares compared to others. Municipal Citizen Insights provides an opportunity to track services and perceptions, while allowing cities to evaluate public sentiment on salient issues on an as-needed basis.

This research product allows municipalities to measure performance and perceptions, allowing them to properly gauge the reach of initiatives and compare their own numbers with more than 3,000 Western Canadians.

  • Municipal Citizen Insights measures:
    • Government performance on 13 core issues, including engagement, transportation, transparency and quality of life.
    • Citizen perceptions on 9 dimensions, including accessibility and collaboration.
    • Digital engagement with municipal initiatives (Tweeting, Facebook, QRC code use, mobile interactions, web visits, etc.).
    • Interactions with citizens (personal, digital, by phone) and satisfaction with the way requests were handled.
    • Citizen engagement, through a unique segmentation (looking at aspects such as community involvement and voting behaviour).
    • Analysis of performance scores among various demographic groups (age, gender, income, education and level of engagement with both news and city).

What do we get and how much does Municipal Citizen Insights cost?

  • 6-8 minute survey
  • n=500 adults in a municipality – starting at $10,000
  • n=300 adults in a municipality – starting at $7,500
  • Online data collection can be complemented through multimode research (telephone, panel, web surveys)
  • PowerPoint executive summary of results
  • Customized data tables
  • Live presentation
  • Comparisons against our normative database

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For more information on Municipal Citizen Insights, or how you can partner with us to grow our panel, contact:

Jane Ha-Trapp, Vice President
T: 403.860.5277