Our weekly Omnibus is the perfect vehicle to gauge the opinions of 800 British Columbians quickly, easily and accurately at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone project because the costs are shared with other clients.


Use our Omnibus to:
– Measure awareness of your brand or a particular initiative
– Determine public support/opposition on a particular topic
– Test awareness and recall of a marketing campaign
– Track usage and awareness of your product or service
– Test reactions to a new concept or new visual
– And more!

Why Omnibus Insights?

  • Reliable results: successful predictions in the outcomes of 23 elections across Canada and the USA
  • Fast turnaround: submit your questions by 12pm PST on Wednesdays, and receive data tables by the following Wednesday
  • Cost effective: save money by sharing the survey and sample
  • Customizable: incorporate audio, video and print with options available to target specific regions
  • Access to the best panel in BC: reach fresh, engaged and hard-to-reach British Columbians
  • Trusted source: the most cited and most recognized research company in Western Canada
  • Survey expertise: help with questionnaire development and analysis from some of the most prominent pollsters in the country

What do we get and how much does Omnibus Insights Cost?

  • Questionnaire design consultation
  • Survey results from n=800 British Columbians, proportionate by age, gender, and region
  • Written factum with PowerPoint presentation available as an add-on
  • Detailed tables with cross-tabulations of standard variables (age, gender, region etc.)
  • Optional press release add-on
  • $600 to $1,000 per question, depending on nature of questions
  • Discounts provided for bulk buying/multiple questions

For more information on Omnibus Insights, contact:

Daphne Cuthbert, Research Director
T: 604.318.1993
E: daphnecuthbert@insightswest.com