Get more value out of your panel: By leveraging Insights West’s passion and experience in panel management marketers and researchers can focus on what they do best, and for less investment than panel management software, can extract more value and more insights than by doing it on their own.

Do you feel you are not getting enough value or enough actionable insights from your existing community panel?  Would you rather deploy resources to other priorities like growing your business?

You’re not alone! Many of our clients are too busy doing what they do best and don’t have the time, resources, experience or passion to extract the intended value or insights from their community panel.

How does Panel Management Services work?

  • We manage your community panel on your behalf.
  • We handle all the technology – We will utilize our sophisticated research platform and panel software to house and run your panel with your brand look and feel.
  • You set the research objectives and approve the surveys.
  • We execute all the research on your behalf.
  • You engage and grow your community.
  • We coach you along the way.

How can Panel Management Services help?

  • Focus on actioning the insights rather than running the panel and executing the research.
  • Redeploy resources devoted to running the panel to other more value-add functions to your business.
  • Leverage a team that lives and breathes panel-based research.
  • All for less than the cost of your annual panel software subscription.


For more information on Panel Management Services, contact:

Allan Dawe, Vice President
T: 604.787.0143