Video Insights is a tool that can add deeper understanding and context to any quantitative or qualitative research, bringing results to life in a way no research report can do alone.

Why Video Insights?

  • Highly engaging to your internal research audience
  • Makes the voice of the research respondent “real”
  • View respondent feedback first-hand
  • Fast turnaround
  • Cost effective
  • Easy add-on to any research study

What is Video Insights?

The widespread adoption of digital photography and video by consumers has opened up new opportunities for market researchers. At Insights West, we’ve optimized our Your Insights panel to take advantage of this valuable communications vehicle.

Pre-identified panel members are able and willing to use their mobile, tablet and photo devices when responding to surveys. Participation is enthusiastic: we’ve collected mobile telephone numbers from one-third of our panel members, nearly half are willing to submit photos in response to surveys, and almost one-quarter are willing to submit video clips.

Photo and video submissions allow us to gain deeper insights into respondents’ views and experi- ences. As support for a presentation, or an accompaniment to a paperless report, these highlight videos helps to bring home the research findings in a way that can’t be done by charts or summary slides alone.

  • A sample of panel members are asked to undertake a photo or video assignment with specific instructions and within a given timeframe
  • Photos or videos are submitted online, generally along with a short survey
  • Drawing on our qualitative research experience, we review these materials and select the
    ones that best summarize particular response patterns and offer the greatest insights into
  • These clips or photos are then compiled and edited by a professional video editor to
    produce a short highlight video

What do we get and how much does Video Insights cost?

  • $5,000 – $8,000 addition to a research study
  • Professionally edited highlight video that summarizes response patterns and offers the
    greatest insights into the findings
  • PowerPoint executive summary of results

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Please contact us for more information on Video Insights:

Steve Mossop, President
Tel: 778.891.4762