In a little under a year of operation, Insights West has passed many important milestones. Looking back on 2012, we can’t help feeling proud of the accomplishments of the year — and look forward to new achievements in the coming months. Here are some of the actions and feats we’re most pleased about:

1. Incorporation on March 1st, 2012. After incorporation, Steve promptly took a month-long vacation to California with his family, suspecting there would be a whole lot of work ahead… he was right.

2. Hiring our first employee. Jane Ha-Trapp joined Insights West in mid-April, as did, in the following weeks and months, Daile Macdonald, Ricardo Diaz, and Kristi Kozak, bringing our full-time contingent to five. We now also have 6 part-time employees, and three additional full-time employees who are joining in February 2013 (stay tuned!).

3. Website launch in July 2012. With our partners at Graphically Speaking, we launched a leading-edge website that is built for the long-term.

4. Building our Your Insights panel. From our first panelist, who joined in June 2012, Your Insights has grown to nearly 7,000 Western Consumers in BC and Alberta, and we are aiming for 10,000 by the end of February.

5. Posting our first press release from the Your Insights panel, October 2012, covering perceptions on the privatization of BC Liquor Distribution Branch. Since then we’ve done releases on cyber-bullying, charitable giving, Port Mann bridge tolls, and Christmas technology gifts.

6. Launching our 60th project. Thank-you to all our early clients for your support – we’ve conducted large- and small-scale projects, online and traditional focus groups, in the sectors of advanced education, retail, medical, technology, public affairs, financial services, media tourism, automotive and utilities.

7. Creating our Charitable Giving Insights syndicated study. As part of our commitment to the community and to the non-profit sector, we conducted a large-scale survey looking at charitable giving habits, brand awareness of BC’s charities, and propensity to donate to them. Launched in the fall and shared free of charge with our non-profit clients, it was our unique way of giving back. We will be conducting a similar study with Alberta charities over the next few months.

8. Completing our 19,174th interview using our Your Insights panel in the final week of the year. In addition to completing 29 studies via Your Insights, we handed out $6,000 in incentive money to our respondents, with the most generous incentive program in the industry to keep our response rate high and our panelists engaged.

9. Launching our Brand Digital Insights product – which combines corporate reputation, ad tracking, and social media engagement with a brand in one survey instrument. So far, we’ve tracked over 20 brands in the marketplace in Western Canada, with plans to grow that to 50 brands by the end of May.

10. The $1M mark!  We expect to hit the $1M revenue threshold in our first 12 months of operation.